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eva's imprint on the world

65_redroses an update

Six months … it seems like yesterday.
Many people have put their energies into carrying Eva’s legacy forward and so to recap, here are the many events that have happened or are in the planning stages.

On February 18, 2010, Eva wrote on her blog …

a mark on the world
a difference
some proof that i had been here
something to say that i mattered
that when my body left this world my soul had made its imprint

1. Creation of the REDDY FOR A CURE campaign to promote ongoing awareness and fundraising in support of Cystic Fibrosis.

2. Great Strides Walk, the annual CF fundraiser walk: the REDDY FOR A CURE team, with participation in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario raised an unprecedented amount for CF

3. 65 Red Roses painting: This collaborative piece, with participation from 65 Canadian Artists, was donated to the Vancouver Chapter of the CF Foundation, to be used for fundraising and for CF awareness. The painting can be viewed on the CF Vancouver website www.cfvancouver.ca click on the ‘65 Red Roses’ icon.
• Over $25 000 has been raised by the sale of posters (not many left!),
• The painting was shown in Eva’s hometown, New Westminster, for the summer to raise awareness and funds
• The painting is currently on display at ECW/Circa Ici a fashionable women’s clothing store in the heart of the Vancouver shopping district (Granville St. & 10th Ave) . Stationary (greeting cards and calendars) will soon be created
• Talks are being finalized with BC Children’s hospital to have it prominently displayed there on permanent loan. It will also be the centerpiece for a broader fundraising campaign for CF in months to come.

4. Tandem Tour: 4 young men cycled across the country on a 4-man tandem bicycle especially constructed for this trip. They each raised funds for their favoured charity. Ian Bevis cycled for Eva, and for C.F., raising about $9000. Their website is still open and accepting donations. www.thetandemtour.com

5. Passion for Fashion. ECW/Circa Ici is in the midst of a Passion for Fashion campaign raising funds for CF in honour of Eva. A $65 donation to CF gets you a $65 credit at the store over a $300 purchase. www.ecwoman.com/home/events_promotions

6. Vancouver Leisure Society – Lawnbowling event: www.vancouverleisure.ca Thursdays in July were abuzz with chatter, charm and an influx of youthful retro participation at the Stanley Park lawn bowling club. Team spots sold out in 5 minutes after online registration opened. This event was dedicated to Eva and raised over $34 000 for CF.

7. Phoenix Theatre University of Victoria is holding a memorial celebration to honour Eva on Sunday September 26 at 1:30. A plaque and tree will be dedicated to her on the theatre site.

8. Keys to a Cure will be the focus of this year’s CF Gala keynote presentation. Eva is the catalyst behind this portion of the event designed to raise funds through the auctioning of research packages that aim to fund CF research projects. We know that it is only through more scientific research and the development of transitional steps to apply new knowledge to CF patients, that will make a lasting difference in the lives of those suffering from this disease.

9. 65_RedRoses: the film, is now available on DVD, (www.65redroses.com) has shown on CBC’s The Passionate Eye several times, will be aired in its entirety on The Knowledge Network, has been viewed in several countries around the world and ….hopefully will soon air in the U.S. It has won numerous awards including the prestigious BANFF award for Best Canadian Program, an Audience Award at the Hot Docs International Film Festival, and several other film festival awards.

10. VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival)-is honouring Eva at their screening of ‘Leave them Laughing’ on October 2.

11. Benefit Concert∫ for C.F. tentatively planned for February, featuring well know Vancouver artists.

12. 2 scholarships in Eva’s name: one for her former high school to go to a student planning to attend theatre school, one for the Child Life program at BC Children’s Hospital to go to a ‘Child Life’ intern.

While in hospital last February, Eva received the CF Foundation’s Summerhayes award for her service to CF. See a video of this event on the March 27th posting. After receiving the award she said ‘One of the most important things for me to do right now is to create a legacy. …This (award) to me really makes a difference because it means that I made a difference. When I die, this is what’s left.”
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Painting 65 Red Roses - change of plans

Below is an except from the C.F. Vancouver website, explaining a change of plan for the painting that was done in Eva's honour. When details of the new plan are ready, they will be posted. There are also other events that will be honouring Eva's legacy. University of Victoria, Theatre Faculty will be organizing a memorial for the student body on September 26. All are welcome.
Plans are also being made for a concert but ... no details will be announced until plans are more solid.
Eva's family

re: Painting 65 Red Roses (C.F. Vancouver website)

Since the painting was unveiled, we have received overwhelming support from the community. The message is very clear: this symbolic and unique work of art must stay in British Columbia. Never before have so many renowned members of the Canadian artistic world contributed to one piece.

We are grateful to Maynards Auction House for offering to auction “65 Red Roses” on June 16th . After very careful consideration, we have decided to withdraw this piece from an international auction in the hope that we will find a place for it in British Columbia so that everyone may enjoy it. We will be announcing a new plan for the 65 Red Roses painting very soon and look forward to sharing it with you. In the meantime, if you wish to learn more, please call the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Vancouver / Lower Mainland office at 604-436-1158 or visit www.cfvancouver.ca.

Commemorative prints of the painting are available for purchase at $65, plus shipping. To order, visit http://cfvancouver.ca/poster-orderform.php or call 604-436-1158. The prints are 38" long x 21" high.

All proceeds from the sale of the 65 Red Roses painting and prints will benefit the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Painting 65 Red Roses

400 people recently attended a reception hosted by the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation held at Performance Works Theatre space on Granville Island in Vancouver. It was to celebrate the unveiling of a very unique work of art that is a collaborative piece with contributions from 65 renowned Canadian artists, all members of the Canadian Federation of Artists (CFA). A project like this has never been done before - 1 subject/65 artists! Each artist contributed their unique rendition of a single red rose and each piece was mounted on to a large frame to create an amazing visual delight.

This painting, titled '65 Red Roses' was done in honour of Eva. It is stunning! The genesis for this project came from our friends and neighbours Angie and Ian Hemphill. Angie is a wonderful artist in her own right. In late February she presented her idea to Eva who thought it was a fabulous endeavour. Angie proposed this project to the CFA who quickly endorsed it. Another neighbour Geoff Cowan, worked tirelessly to create the perfect structure and frame necessary to secure this collective work.

The painting measures 3 metres by 1.7 metres (10 feet by 5.5 feet) and was donated to the Vancouver Chapter of the C.F. Foundation. It will be auctioned off by Maynard's International Auction House (Vancouver) on June 16. It is hoped that it will go for a large sum of money, all to be donated to the C.F. cause. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have it displayed in a public place in Vancouver!

Posters of the work were made and they too are lovely, see the image below. They are being sold for $65 and, if interested, can now be ordered online from the C.F. Chapter website. International orders can be taken.

For more information about the project, and to see the painting or order the poster go to www.cfvancouver.ca, scroll down and click on the 'painting 65redroses' icon. Pass this on to others you think may be interested in seeing the project.

love love love
Eva’s mum

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Eva's Celebration of Love HD Version

Wow....Here it is..and it looks great. Justin had to load it in three parts because they are such big files. If you click the button on the bottom right hand side of the screen it will open up full screen. Both the picture quality and the sound are excellent now. So for all who listened to it live on Youtube (and I am so amazed and thankful that you did even though the quality really degraded at times), here is a far superior version.

Thank you Justin for all the work that you have done on this, both to stream it out live on Friday April 30, and now for giving us this HD version.

Eva's Dad.

Part 1/3

Eva's Celebration of Love - 1/3 from Justin Cousineau on Vimeo.

Part 2/3

Eva's Celebration of Love - 2/3 from Justin Cousineau on Vimeo.

Part 3/3

Eva's Celebration of Love - 3/3 from Justin Cousineau on Vimeo.

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Eva's Legacy - ... let's work toward a cure for Cystic Fibrosis

May is Cystic Fibrosis awareness month in Canada. Here are some events that are happening! More information can be found at the C.F. websites

‘REDDY FOR A CURE’ – May 15 – 30 to honour Eva and her quest to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis - people all over North America are invited to dye their hair bright red and participate in the C.F. walks being held across Canada. If your community does not have a Great Strides Walk for C.F., why not start one?
Why dye your hair?
• It is an attention getter
• It gets people talking about Cystic Fibrosis
• Eva loved her red hair!

Toronto Reddy for a Cure

Vancouver Reddy for a Cure

To sponsor Eva’s mum, Janet Brine, go to

A collaborative work of art involving 65 renowned Canadian artists. The completed piece will be unveiled on May 15 and donated to the Vancouver C.F. chapter. Maynard's auction house will market the work of art and auction it off on June 16. All proceeds will go directly to support C.F. research. For more information about this project go to http://web.me.com/angela.au.hemphill/Painting_65_Red_Roses/Welcome.html
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65_RedRoses DVD now available

Hello Friends of 65_RedRoses

The time has finally arrived! Presales of the 65_RedRoses DVD is now available for $19.99 until the end of May!

Visit www.65redroses.com to order your copy now!

Our wish is Eva's wish - to spread her message about the importance of organ donation so please help us spread the word about the film and forward this link to all your friends!

All the best,

Phil & Nimisha
Directors "65_RedRoses"


PS I believe this is the longer 72 minute theatrical release which is a more detailed and richer version of the 42 minute TV screening.

Eva's Dad
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High Quality version of Celebration of Love

Many, many people have watched the posted livestream version of the Celebration of Love even though the quality was quite marginal. A much higher quality version of the Celebration will be posted this weekend. Justin (the film editor of the 65 Red roses film) has worked hard to make this available and it is almost complete

Eva's Dad.
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'LOVE, LOVE, LOVE:' Thousands celebrate short life of Eva Markvoort

An edited, high quality version of Eva's Celebration of Life will be posted when it is ready, hopefully soon. Meanwhile, here is an article about the Celebration.

'LOVE, LOVE, LOVE:' Thousands celebrate short life of Eva Markvoort

By DOUGLAS TODD 30 APR 2010 Vancouver Sun

For a young Metro Vancouver woman who often struggled for air, Eva Markvoort breathed an incredible volume of love and life into tens of thousands of people.
"Love, Love, Love."
That was Eva's signature line, which was recited several times in front of more than 2,000 people at a poignant, stylish, music-drenched and laughter-filled memorial service Friday afternoon at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster.
Eva, who died last month at age 25, suffered virtually all her passionate, colourful and committed life from cystic fibrosis. Her double-lung transplant two years ago became the subject of a gritty and acclaimed documentary film, 65 Red Roses. That's when many began falling in love with Eva.
In Friday's memorial service, hosted by CBC broadcaster Gloria Macarenko and live-streamed for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of people who had logged onto Eva's blog, also titled 65 Red Roses, Eva's friends and family offered eloquent testimonies to her spirit, which they believe lives on.
In their tributes to Eva, a trained actress who had often performed on stage at Massey Theatre before studying the craft at the University of Victoria, loved ones spoke, sang, recited poetry, played music, showed photos and videos and even performed theatrical presentations in her honour.
They described how, with Eva, "Every time is adventure time." Any time, as Eva used to say, was an excuse for a party, a moment for dancing.
Eva, as some said, was "a force."
Her father, Bill, read from some of the tens of thousands of letters that had been sent to Eva at the family home in New Westminster, where Eva is evolving into an icon, a legend.
One of the most remarkable things about Eva's short life was the phenomenal popularity of her blog, on which she spared no honesty in describing the ecstasty and terror of battling against cystic fibrosis.
In the past year, she detailed her body's tragic rejection of her donated lungs. And in the past few months, viewers almost literally watched her die, give her final words to the world. Surrounded by friends and family in her hospital room at Vancouver General Hospital.
People logged into 65 Red Roses from around the world. The family registered more than one million page views on her blog.
As the comments and letters flooded in, the family realized that people who never met Eva, almost perfect strangers, were making a connection, feeling a bond, being healed. The love that poured into Eva's blog was almost as strong as the love she gave out.
Eva's legacy will not only be for the cystic fibrosis community, of which she has been an incredible educator. It is also for countless others captivated by the strength of her, her family and incredibly loyal friends.
If Friday's memorial service made anything clear, it is that there was a universal spirit running through Eva. It's not going to die easily.
As Eva often said: "My love is fierce."