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65_redroses film finally in U.S.A.

May 3 9/8c is the US broadcast premiere of the film 65_RedRoses on OWN! Check out their trailer. http://bit.ly/own65roses

Canadians - there are upcoming screenings in honour of May being Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.

Americans -the OWN network usually repeats their documentaries several times in the month that they are featured. Check out the OWN website re: schedule info for repeats of 65-redroses during May. Be sure to send your responses/reactions to the OWN network.

Go to 65RedRoses.com for information on screenings and how to buy the DVD (with updated ending) now out in Canada. We'll keep you posted on future broadcasts in Canada. Also #4Eva Free mobile app is launching soon. www.65RedRoses.com Watch the Film. Join the Movement. #4Eva
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65_RedRoses #4Eva
The US Premiere of 65_RedRoses is on May 3, on the OWN channel . This will be the new, revised version. THIS WILL NOT BE AIRED ON THE CANADIAN 'OWN' because the Canadian rights are owned by CBC. Share this with your American friends though!!
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It has been confirmed that the US Premiere of the film 65_redroses is on

May 3, 9:00 p.m.

This will be the new, revised version. The Canadian OWN channel in the Vancouver area is #96. You can google OWN to find out the channel in your area.

Please Join Eva's global campaign for organ donation and CF Awareness … 65_RedRoses #4Eva Fan Page
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an update

Eva's life continues to have a positive influence on many aspects of organ donation and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, two projects that were so important to her. Here is a short update.

The film 65_redroses has been updated to include documentation of the end of Eva's life. It will be aired on OWN (Oprah network) in May of 2012. Canadian distribution of the revised film will also begin at that time. The teacher's guide is near completion and it is fabulous. It and the film will be available to schools (Senior Secondary) in the spring of 2012. The guide offers a multi-curricular approach in the areas of science and disease, ethics, decision making, family dynamics, social media, communication and social responsibility.

The painting 65_redroses is now on permanent loan and on display in the foyer of the BC Children's hospital. It is the perfect location for this artwork as patients and their families can enjoy this beautiful, detailed tableau. Eva and her family spent many hours during her time there wandering the hallways and enjoying the works of art spread around the hospital and so are particularly pleased that it is available there for all to enjoy.

Organ Donation: In the fall of 2009 Eva and her friend Cyrus McEachern painted an organ on the bodies of young organ recipients, then photographed them. Their goal was to have them used in an organ donation awareness campaign. After Eva's death, Cyrus pursued their dream and arranged with BC TRANSPLANT for the images to be used as the centerpiece for a province wide media campaign that included TV ads, placement of the images on BC transit, and pamphlets inserted into driver license renewal forms across the province. BC TRANSPLANT reports that the 'LIVE LIFE, PASS IT ON' campaign has had significant results, with a demonstrable increase in the rate of organ donor sign up. The campaign continues to grow and evolve.

Reddy for a Cure: This is a campaign aimed at engaging youth in the cause to continue to raise awareness and raise funds for CF research. Projects have included ... support for the Vancouver Leisure Society Lawnbowling event, the upcoming curling event in February, last year's benefit concert featuring Dan Mangan, team participation in the annual Great Strides Walk in May.

Keys to a Cure: In the last 2 years, the annual CF fundraising gala has created this fundraising appeal, bringing in over $215 000 for CF research

Longest Hockey Game: Eva was the inspiration for this amazing event that saw 40 women from across the country play hockey nonstop for over 10 days to break the world record by 65 minutes. Over $165 000 was raised. The media coverage and the awareness raised for CF was priceless.

Legacy Project: A group of Eva's neighbours in New Westminster is laying the groundwork for a permanent, artistic, creative legacy project to be launched in the coming months/years. It will focus on youth, education, digital communication, interactive/creative expression and a call to action for positive community involvement and personal well being.

As a young artist, a writer, and a social activist, Eva has left a lasting legacy that continues to leave a mark on organ donation and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis across the country and around the world. She continues to inspire countless young adults to live their lives to the fullest, to appreciate the wonders of the world we live in, and to contribute positively to their communities.

Merry Christmas to all.
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the legacy continues ...

Gear up 4 CF- is an annual cycling/fundraising event lasting 9 days as cyclists tackle the grueling ride from Banff to Vancouver. This year, a friend of Eva's parents, Joan Swain, will be participating and dedicating her ride to Eva. For more information, go to her link
On the final day, June 26, local riders are invited to join the team on the ride from Chilliwack to BC Children's hospital (130 km). To find out how to register for this last leg of the ride, go to

Eva's cousin is creating a dynamic teaching guide to the film 65_redroses for use by educators at the Senior Secondary and post secondary levels. The project is coordinated by 'Hello Cool World' [www.hellocoolworld.com] and funded by 'BC Transplant' [www.transplant.bc.ca/index.asp]. There is no lack of themes and ideas to explore in this film and the guide will serve to bring awareness about Cystic Fibrosis and Organ Donation to the lives of thousands of young people across the country and around the world. More info about the film can be found at www.65redroses.com

Share the Beat-San Francisco served to raise awareness for organ donation and the need to keep the spotlight focused by highlighting the wonderful results that transplant brings to those in need. Organ recipients who honoured their donours, donour families who spoke of the legacy of life given by their loved ones, and many great musicians who payed tribute to the cause of organ donation took to the stage at the Regency Centre on March 11. Janet Brine, mother of Eva Markvoort (65_redroses) spoke at Share the Beat and presented the story of the gift of life that Eva experienced. Transplant gave Eva hope and it was this hope that kept her going until her call for transplant came. She was able to live a spirited and rich life for two years after her transplant, before succumbing to organ rejection. Those two wonderful years were made possible because a family, in their grief, saw the possibility of renewing the lives of others. Ultimately, the goal is for all Canadians and Americans to be organ donours, but until that time comes, events such as Share the Beat will continue. For more photos and information about this annual event, go to http://2011.sharethebeat.org .
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a benefit concert ... a great benefit

February 11 was a special day. 1200 people gathered to listen to some great music, to view some beautiful films and to honour Eva.
A year ago that day, February 11 2010, Eva announced on her blog that she knew she was dying... the outlook was grim. From that point on she shared with the world her experiences of saying good bye to her loving circle of family, friends, and supporters. She wrote of her challenges, her fears and her hopes as a young woman loosing her life to Cystic Fibrosis. She also strove to ensure that she could leave a legacy... a legacy of love, a legacy for CF and a legacy for organ donation. She certainly accomplished all of that. And ... she showed the world how social media can be used to open up people's hearts, to inspire thousands and to contribute positive things to this world.
The 65redroses benefit concert for CF, February 11 2011, was a great legacy project. It brought out the best in so many people. $37 000 was raised for CF research! The artists were so giving and authentic - they were enjoying the concert as much as the audience! Dave Vertesi, the Zolas, Hannah Georgas, Dan Mangan .... all wonderful ... and so much fun! Rachel Aberle and Phil Lyall were fabulous hosts and made everyone feel right at home with their poignant messages and humorous 'Eva stories'. Eva's friends, under the direction of Stuart Gillies, produced a beautiful short film 'A Wish Where the Wind Once Blew' that honoured all those who have died from CF. Eva's boyfriend Justin also edited a short video with a message of CF, that brought home the reason why we were all there. Here is his video.

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A Wish Where the Wind Once Blew -

A film in support Eva's legacy in promoting C.F. awareness.

A Wish Where The Wind Once Blew ..
... is a short film which will be made in January 2011 in honour of Eva Markvoort. It will premiere at the 65_RedRoses Benefit Concert on Feb 11 at Massey Theatre in New Westminster. Join us in the fight against cystic fibrosis by helping us to bring this project to life and let's make a difference together... For more information about how to support this project, go to

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Eva's Dream

Before Eva died, her friend Nimisha Mukerji vowed to do all she could to promote CF awareness and organ donation awareness by finding an American network to show the film 65_RedRoses. It was Eva's dream to see this happen as she knew the impact a viewing of this film in the U.S. could have on raising awareness for the 2 causes about which she was passionate. Nimisha has worked tirelessly to promote the film locally, nationally and now, yes ... internationally.

It's official, 65_RedRoses will be airing in the US on the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2011!!! This version of the film has been re-edited to include reference to the last two years of Eva's life, a very difficult task for Justin (editor) and Nimisha (director). Nimisha and her co-director Phil Lyall thank the many American supporters who have helped bring Eva's story to the US. This is amazing! Here is a link to the official announcement.