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The GearUp4CF ride is underway!

Day 6 of the 1200 km GearUp4CF bike ride takes the riders over Kootenay Pass, the highest elevation of roadway in Canada. Check out Bill's blog for a daily accounting of the challenges and highlights www.65for65roses@blogspot.ca
This is a photo of the start on Day 1, leaving Crescent Beach near Vancouver with over 120 riders for the 100 km KickOff ride. There are now 21 9-day riders toughing it out!
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65for65roses …. a great ride for a great cause!

65for65roses Eva's dad is turning 65 this spring. He thought it fitting to train for and to ride in the GearUp4CF 1200 km/9 day cycle from Vancouver to Banff in June. His goal is lofty ... to raise $65,000 for CF research, in honour of Eva and her 65_redroses legacy. Scientists are making amazing progress in developing new treatments that can significantly help CF sufferers. Training is very challenging but fundraising is even more difficult. All donations go to support CF research. How can you help?

SUPPORT Bill's ride</b>. Go to the 65for65 blog and click on the donate button. You can also follow Bill's training as he prepares for the big ride over the next several months. FYI, a tax receipt will be issued by CF Canada for donations over $20.

SHARE this blog and fundraising appeal to all you know with an interest in supporting Eva's hope for a better life for CF patients.

Here is the blog URL! Thank you for your support


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My Dream for CF …

Eva had many dreams for herself and for others suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Near the end of her life, Eva began to dream of leaving a legacy that would carry on … a legacy of love and of hope and of remembrance. On February 18 2010, Eva wrote …

a mark on the world
a difference
some proof that i had been here
something to say that i mattered
that when my body left this world my soul had made its imprint

Well, this she has done. In the three and a half years since her death, Eva has inspired appeals and events that have raised 1.4 million dollars for CF research. We still receive letters and messages from those who continue to be inspired by her.
She has also had a huge impact on organ donor awareness through the 'Live life, pass it on' campaign that uses the images she created with her friend Cyrus.
At the recent CF 65 Roses Gala in Vancouver, this video 'My Dream for CF, was created to inspire people to contribute to the Keys to a Cure appeal. It was very successful. Eva truly has made a mark on the world.

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Across Canada, on Sunday May 26 thousands of people will take 'Great Strides' in the quest to support CF research. This research is crucial to finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for CF. That is what it is all about!

Please join our 'Reddy4aCure' team
for the walk in New Westminster

(organized by the cfVancouver office).

Register at

SEARCH to join the 'Reddy4aCure' team, and let's walk together!
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65_redroses chosen for HotDocs 20th anniversary celebration

amazing ... the film


has been chosen to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of HotDocs, the premier documentary film event in Canada.
It's one of twenty selected documentaries, many of which have been nominated for Oscars and
all of which are deemed to have had a great effect in the world of film.
It will be shown in Toronto on April 9 6:30 pm. Check out the websites

Hot Docs 20




Pass this on to your Toronto friends!!
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one dozen roses

Great gift buying online from the new CFVancouver online shopping site.
**NEW ITEM** - stationary cards, '1 dozen roses', based on the painting 65redroses. (2 each of 6 roses) All proceeds go to fund CF research.


The original '65redroses' poster is not online but can be purchased by calling the
CFVancouver office at 604-436-1158 ext 0
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65_redroses now available on iTunes in USA

Americans can now purchase the documentary 65_RedRoses (the Oprah Winfrey Network version) on iTunes in the U.S.

Are you in Canada or the US? You can also buy the DVD and other items at HelloCoolWorldstore.com, in the 65_RedRoses Store section. (Direct link: http://www.hellocoolworldstore.com/home.php?cat=282) Use Promo code #4EvaHeart for 20% off all items. For those of you that want to help us get the film to more people, you can buy our Ambassador kits, five copies of the DVD for only $50! (Canada only). Great for those who want to re-sell as fundraisers for CF or Organ Donation causes! Are you in Vancouver? Contact us to find out when our PopUpShop in Chinatown is open during December so you can save on shipping and enjoy holiday treats. Call 604 251 5567, or email store@HelloCoolWorld.com for location and times.

Are you outside of North America?. Email store@HelloCoolWorld.com to find out how to get the DVD. . Overseas shipping rates will apply.